Natalie Tran (community channel) in Buenos Aires with Lonely Planet – Buenos Aires Video

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24 Responses to “Natalie Tran (community channel) in Buenos Aires with Lonely Planet – Buenos Aires Video”

  1. Jonnyriffic says:

    Lonely Planet.

  2. graceybraceycleo says:

    The cost is her making new videos, and that is a pretty big price, because now I have to watch all of the old ones, over and over and over again!

  3. marioriospinot says:


  4. yansilovesroses says:

    Lol “Imma eat chyou”

  5. nightelve123l0v3 says:

    She still does that weird little wave at the beginning…

  6. lucidmuse9 says:

    obviously she was sponsored by lonelyplanet…… dur

  7. BlackAx33 says:

    I wish I could travel this much. i’m jealouse (Q_Q)

  8. alekaxrequiem says:

    Natalie should do more lonley plant videos

  9. FantasyLuvrr says:

    well played <3

  10. MathinusG says:

    How calm was that?

  11. MathinusG says:

    Make your comment, it’s free speech, what’s with your stinky mouth though?

  12. FantasyLuvrr says:

    its a fucking show calm the fuck down. Shes a youtube comedian so the sesame street thing was a joke ok? and shes from Australia…DICKHEAD <3

  13. MathinusG says:

    Why all the time on a stupid haircut which you find all over the world? The usual shit as opposed to getting to know the people. Buenos Aires version of Sesame street? Give them credit for being original. Boring unoriginal video. Go home to wherever you come from.

  14. riplearaelothian says:

    lonely planet did

  15. badthing1111 says:

    when i see a cow i think “IMMA EAT YUHHH”

  16. kok0h says:

    free trips..?? wow…!!!

  17. mjmegafan223 says:

    She was working for Lonely Planet so they paid it :3

  18. prancer303 says:

    I think she gets free trips, as an employee of Lonely Planet 😛

  19. KewlStormy07 says:

    “Caminto, which looks like a rubix cube…” lmfao

  20. jujubeans781 says:

    She was hired by lonely planet to showcase these places dude. So it’s all getting paid for.

  21. Lauralalala123 says:

    lonely planet paid it, she worked for them

  22. vocaloid85 says:

    she didn’t, lonely planet payed for this whole trip

  23. Yobama007 says:

    Exactly. Youtube. =P

  24. Raicuparta says:

    no one could ever get that much money off of youtube alone, i mean think for a second. The video isn’t on her channel, it’s pretty obvious that the owners of the channel covered most of the cost of the trips (basically they pay her because she’s quite famous and that way she brings a lot of views to their channel and website)


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