Literature gets a ride in the streets of Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires Video

In Argentina, a local artist has transformed an old ford Falcon into a roving library. He weaves through the streets of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country, offering books to passers-by in the hopes of sparking the country’s appetite for literature. Duration: 01:52

25 Responses to “Literature gets a ride in the streets of Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires Video”

  1. goov47 says:

    Wow, I love it. I would love to go to Buenos Aires for a visit.

  2. Act2Books says:

    Wow.. This is just amazingly cool! I wonder if it has cup holders?

  3. Willam2 says:

    You blocked the video on my blog, so I guess I’ll forget about AFP videos from now on.

    That’s OK. There’s no shortage of videos, and if you don’t want the traffic, someone else will.

  4. aianyoung says:

    AFP, why block your videos from being embedded on other websites?

    It’s free advertising!

    The stupidity of big media knows no bounds.

  5. michellestellaluna says:

    Bring it to Burning Man!!!!

  6. REVBRYAN1000 says:

    Way to go Raul. We all miss you in Houston. Keep up the great work, my friend.

  7. MsConeSka says:

    Éste tipo de personas reconfortan mi día. Excelente y hermosa idea!

  8. PlayGoWar says:

    Amazing this guy!

  9. justinnovative says:

    In the US we use buses and RVs as bookmobiles. Lame.

  10. capitanfede87 says:

    very good!

  11. allanblacker says:

    amazing .. thanks for sharing .. god bless

  12. eyeflare says:

    AFP, you suck for disabling embedding. This is ideal social media fodder – and you just FAILED.

  13. bamb04 says:

    This guy is awesome!

  14. jayanx says:

    This is the single coolest thing I’ve seen in ages. What an amazing idea, he is truly a great man.

  15. yiyochan says:

    Things like these makes me feel proud of my people. :3

  16. MerciBlue says:

    What a great idea. Is there information for how to donate to his cause?

    Best. Bookmobile. Ever.

  17. zulpgulp says:

    Why did they disable embedding. This is a great vid. True ART in action. Someone dropped it onto my site but now it doesn’t play. AFP FAIL.

  18. maekern says:

    Lovely video. Interesting topic. Dick move disabling embedding, though.

  19. Rezmason says:

    How well does it handle? I imagine all those books cost a fortune in gas money to schlep around. On the other hand, he did manage to tour the country with it.

  20. skat1140 says:

    I like the working 57mm cannon for blasting away illiterates and book burners.

  21. bobthewatchlizard says:

    Bad AFP embed policy. Fail.

  22. spiritedemma says:

    Now this is something worthy of MY tax dollars!!!

  23. Warpchy says:

    Fail imbed policy

  24. NomScott says:

    Atta boy, Raul! The ArtCar Parade had no WMI vehicle this year. Come back for a visit. We miss you in Houston.

  25. talkymeat says:

    Beyond awesome. Genius.


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